Horoscope january 25 virgo

Know when to take a back seat. You might not be welcomed in this arena anyway. Many of your thoughts are valid, but they might be best kept to yourself for now. Others do not want to share their problems at present. Tonight: Play it low-key. Spontaneity comes into play. Friends seem to invigorate you and encourage you to be more adventurous. Be aware that a negative comment could put a pin in your balloon. Detach rather than react. Tonight: Let the fun begin.

You could be out of sorts as you get past a problem that has been holding you back. Once you open up and discuss what is ailing you, the issue evaporates.

Stay more in contact with your basic needs. In general, your choices for yourself are great. Greet good news with a smile and a sense of excitement. You do not know what could be just around the corner, heading in your direction.

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You find a friendship unusually supportive when you hit a difficult situation. Tonight: You have reason to celebrate. Put on your dancing shoes. Success stems from your willingness to have a one-on-one conversation with a key person in your life. Do not push the other party. Let this person discover his or her own rhythm. A friend expresses thoughts, and you might not like what you hear. Why hurry? By all means slow down and take your bearings.

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Others must now allow you greater leeway. Hopefully the Moon has done a good job, and you should now be able to detect a ray of hope on the work front. Only if you are determined to shoot yourself in the foot will you fail to prosper. By the same token you will succeed if you take all elementary precautions. Recent developments may have left someone close to you feeling rather bruised emotionally.

If you have any compassion, and I know that you have, you will seek out wounded souls and do your best to help them. It is your own lack of self-confidence which has prevented you from going the whole hog over career or emotional matters.

Singles will be out to have fun instead of entering into serious love relationships. Patience is expected for everything to work out and go back to normal. There will be no chance for pregnancy this month. Do You Have Good Karma?

Try The Karma Quiz Now!! There will be numerous challenges with your family this month. The Virgo horoscope is predicting that family members will be fighting most of the time. It is up to you to ensure that peace and harmony reigns in the family.

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You will be required to calm the situation at home and then forge a pleasant way forward. As per the September Virgo predictions , your health will be awesome this month. Your energy levels will be high, and your immune system will be working extraordinarily. You need not worry about health issues this month.

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