Taurus taurus cusp man compatibility

Authoritative and bold, Aries-Taurus cuspers are natural born leaders. One area to watch is that of being too forceful, and barreling right over the opinions and desires of others.

How do they know that? Then the funny, helpful, strong and dependable side to the Aries-Taurus cusp will shine in its own powerful light. Find out if you're a true Aries or Taurus! Get your Essential Birth Chart report from Tarot.

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Sign Up or Login to DailyHoroscope. You can try it, but you better bloody well run, if you try it on me. My former husband is april 20th, what others have said, rings true.

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Needless to say, after 10 years, I relieved myself of bondage,, only to have him try to take out a million dollar life insurance policy and make threatening remarks and innuendo. After 5 years, post divorce, the improvement came after admitting "he was so angry he wanted me dead", and proceeded then to attempt to declare me an unfit mother for the next 5.

He has punished her throughout her youth, and yet I taught her to stand up to him, yet love him and respect him, as her father. She is 30 yrs old now I am opinionated and very direct. You will always know where you stand with me. I have learned over the years how to tone down my opinions. Believe me, this didn't come without effort. It literally went against "my grain". Frankly, it is still difficult to sit back and let others learn from what I see as mistakes. But I have learned to instead be a teacher and hopefully not a dictator!

He has his good traits.. This sounds about right. Many people are often surprised that I am an Aries until I get angry ; this explains why.

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The Gemini Cusp and Taurus

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Aries/Taurus cusp female compatibility with Gemini male

Unknown May 26, at PM. Unknown June 25, at PM. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Newer Post Older Post. Popular Posts. Scorpio Moon in Love. At first Gemini Taurus Cusp. The Cusp of Energy Earth meets Air for those born on the Taurus-Gemini Cusp, and it's quite a dust storm of activity these individuals c Rising Sign Table. Man Fashion Style by Zodiac Sign.

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Each zodiac sign has its own tastes, especially when it comes to fashion. Here is a breakdown of how your zodiac sign can define taste in me Aquarius-Pisces Cusp. Check out the explanation of the Cusp Meaning Were you born in between two Signs?