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You might start to wonder whether certain things you thought you needed have been holding you back all along. What you once thought was necessary security might start to feel like a trap, or what you thought was a good-enough love might start looking like poison.

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There is no perfect control. If your blood feels hot this week, if your thoughts feel sharp and spiky, or if you simply feel fed up, lean all the way into that feeling. If your thoughts are desperate to simmer and spark, then let them.

Gemini: Your career horoscope - October 09

If your words can only express difficult truths, then let them be difficult. This week, it might feel as if nothing excites you.

But this is a week to leave your house, to go outside of your own thoughts and leave behind panic, numbness, and dread. This is a week to move through the world and look at the wild, green life that exists all around you. This week, though, try waiting a bit. Try moving more slowly than your roiling dreams tell you that you should. Take your own power seriously.

Gemini October 2019: Your Life Will Never Be The Same Gemini ❤

Speak the truth for a reason: Use it to move toward the future your want. This week, though, it might be a good time to check in with yourself to make sure your code is still fair and reasonable, and that it still makes sense. This is a week to remember all the power you have over yourself. You can decide to keep trying. You can decide how you will and will not let yourself be changed.

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If it seems like every last person and every last sound in the world is grating on you this week, try to ration out your irritation. Reshuffle your daily agenda to make room for self-care. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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