Astrological predictions for scottish referendum

For the purposes of my astro-sleuthing, this seemed highly relevant and interesting.

Scottish Independence: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

The effect of the crossing point is rather like a siren, first heard in the distance then growing louder and louder as it approaches only to diminish and die away as it moves on. The Age Points in both charts would definitely be at the noisy clamour stage, demanding attention. This immediately seemed significant, especially as the nodal Age Point will be conjunct the Moon in the node chart four weeks before the referendum on 23rd June.

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Next thing to consider was the axis on which this intersection of the Age Points would take place. What is in the Moon Node chart is something which lies dormant until activated by Age Point and by the crossing point. Then it comes to the surface, demands attention, appears around every twist and turn in life and forces us to look at whatever it represents within ourselves. The 8th house Taurean Moon in the referendum chart which is currently being stirred and awakened by both the crossing point and the nodal Age Point is going to want to hang on to what is precious and important. For many people this could well be echoes of the UK of the past, of independence and of not being a part of Europe.

No going back.

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And one of the reasons for unifying Europe was to prevent the circumstances which led to WW2. Too many references to Hitler are being bandied around. One headline likens his dictatorship to Boris and Brexit strategy… With Jupiter opposing Neptune and Saturn squaring both in mutable signs, who knows who to believe. Our political affiliations are changing dramatically, whatever the outcome, which I would not want to predict. The circumstances prior to WW2 were nothing like those prior to the establishment of the EU. Plus it is largely Germany which calls the shots and benefits. Something better may come out o the ashes.

These charts can be picked apart from every system and perspective but one large picture gets overlooked — that we are in the age of Aquarius and the polarity of Leo is the undercurrent. This will be a continuing theme throughout the age. So far the EU has done nothing but organise its members into one homogenised work force within an economy which is far from thriving.

Economic theory comes and goes but it is psychology — the zeitgeist — which drives the market. Keep an eye on the Aquarian ideal and the Leo push to be more than just a number. Thank you this was a lovely comment and I am glad you mentioned the polarity of individuality with unity. What is aquarius a union of but individual nations, when these nations lose their individuality, the EU is a dictatorship.

This is one point I tried to make on my comment but you made this point well. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share. Even though the mundane square of these two planets are not transiting in exact alignment now, they are within enough of an orb to justify a ripening of conflict between these drives as they relate to social revolution and upheaval globally. Could this energy be effecting the background of all that is happening with these national crises that are waxing?

The economic upheavals we witness could be bringing about social-political reform all over the world triggered by global , collective problems: from massive migrations which put pressure on geopolitical boundaries and resources along with terrorism, cyber-infiltration, and global warming. Tarnas, p. Witness the popular reactionary Donald Trump phenonmenon with his isolationist and nativistic policies and I would venture to say the comparable referendum to have England quit the EU.


With global concerns facing all geopolitical entities, we cannot just ignore these pressures that are beyond the control of any one government but call for cooperation and consolidation of efforts to address these crises as a collective. I am not trying to promote a political view but am aware of the urgency of confronting this backward-looking illusion to idealize the past with the forces in question. Could we be hoping to use the creative drives of Pluto, Uranus and idealism of Neptune to bring about a better world and solidify our ethical positions Saturn in SAG as a global-intelligent united world?

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Thanks for giving such a thoughtful analysis of the situation. I share your concerns about isolationist politics. The best thing that has happened recently in London is the election of Sadiq Khan, a Muslim who has set about unifying Londoners—Christians, Jews, and Muslims—and as a person I hope very much we will vote to stay in Europe.

As an astrologer, all I can see is a fuzzy Neptunian haze concealing many diverse opinions. Scotland wants to stay in, Wales wants to exit. What does England want to do? I cannot trust my interpretation skills in an area where I hold strong opinions. You seem to have the idea that he is unifying Londoners but is he actually doing that or does everyone just have an idea that he represents unity?

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  • I do not see this as a good thing at all. He may to some, to others he does not unify… [Non astrological political opinions removed — Ed.

    Will the Scots Vote for Independence? | WILLIAM STICKEVERS

    Thank you both for tackling other areas and possibilities I frankly ran out of steam to delve into further. It was quite a challenge getting a handle on the possible implications using AP, the MN chart, and the crossing point. On the upside she has tr Uranus trine her MC in April and tr Saturn also trine through the year — so a change of direction which could be positive.

    If a recession strikes with the Saturn Pluto in Capricorn picking up through into it will make the economic arguments for separation even less palatable. I thought I was seeing things when I read this and then realised that the mainstream media in the UK seems to be working well.

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    Not surprising as Once again rarely reported by the media: www. The figures also relate to Scotland being part of the Union, not Independent. And of course in the run up to the Referendum many Scots were influenced by Armageddon like levels of scaremongering. One just has to compare it with countries such as Finland which has no oil, gas, renewable energy and little electricity. In the year , the kingdoms of Scotland and England were united to form the Kingdom of Great Britain, which in , was united with the Kingdom of Ireland to form the current United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, better known as the United Kingdom.

    Today, the United Kingdom fears and faces a major turmoil — of the Scottish independence. The sovereign state of UK that comprises of four countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has witnessed a major change in the relationships among these countries over the time. Divided over issues of oil and currency, among others, the current crisis of the Scots seeking severance of ties and independence is not new. The Scottish National Party, whose central aim has been Scotland's independence, won the Scottish Parliament elections by a landslide, which gave them a mandate to stage a vote for independence.

    The truth is Scotland already controls pieces of its government, such as the court system. But, its economy, culture and governance are deeply enmeshed with that of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Even when the Scottish nationals vote for the referendum, the , Scots living in other parts of the UK, but not in Scotland, shall not be allowed to vote. Thus, all depends now on what the people residing in Scotland want. Will they say 'Yes' in majority?

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    Will Scotland separate as a separate country? Saturn is retrograde in the Ascendant and Mercury, the Lord of 8th House is debilitated in the 5th House of this Chart. The transiting Ketu is moving over Sun and Mercury.

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    • Such planetary configurations indicate a strong case of Scottish independence from the United Kingdom with this referendum.